Charging Systems

Nuru Light has developed the world’s first commercially available pedal generator. Unlike wind and solar, the pedal ensures that power is always available. The POWERCycle can charge up to five lights at once in just twenty minutes of pedaling. Each charged light will last for 25 hours on low, 18 hours on medium, and 9 hours on high, resulting in a charging ratio of 375:1, making it over 375 times more efficient than solar! Because the POWERCycle is easy to operate, even children can use it.


In cities throughout the developing world, power outages are a fact of life. As a result, almost two billion people have access to electricity for only a few hours a day. With this situation in mind, Nuru Light invented the POWERGrid, a plug-in charging system. With the POWERGrid, customers can charge their light when they have access to electricity and use the Nuru Lights when the power is out. The POWERGrid can charge up to five lights at once.


Nuru Light has also developed the POWERSolar, a solar panel that can charge up to five lights at once. This clean and efficient lighting system allows customers to charge their lights during the day and use them at night.