Uses For

Drilling Fluid

Drilling fluid is used in virtually all types of wells, even when a water well is going into place. The fluid is used to prevent other types of fluid from building back through the bore hole. Without an ability to control this buildup of fluid, it…

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Types Of Drilling Fluids

several different categories within these main types that can cause slight differences.

Water-Based Fluids

Obviously, water-based fluids are the safest out of the three categories. They work well with some situations, but they…

Oil-Based Fluids

As previously mentioned, water-based fluids, or gels, can't always be used effectively. There are times when oil based…


In some cases, neither water-based nor oil-based fluids can get the job done and the only way to effectively drill a well is…

Dangers Associated With Each Method

This is something that has already been touched on somewhat, especially in the paragraph above. However, it's also something that is important enough to discuss in further detail. There are many dangers associated with drilling a well and those dangers are typically directly proportional to the type of well that is being drilled.

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