Oil-Based Fluids

As previously mentioned, water-based fluids, or gels, can’t always be used effectively. There are times when oil based fluids must be used instead. Typically, the base fluid that used for these types of operations involves diesel, although synthetic oils can also be used. There are many reasons that oil-based fluid might be used instead of other methods. First and foremost, the oil based fluids don’t have a tendency to break down as easily as those that are water-based. They also keep mechanisms clean far more effectively than water-based fluids. Therefore, there are certain operations where it’s necessary to use oil-based fluids as opposed to one of the other methods. Clearly, this method also comes with some danger. Oil-based fluids, especially those that utilize diesel as its base fluid, are flammable in nature. If the vapors collect as opposed to being dispersed, it can easily reach a point where the smallest source of ignition can cause an explosion. This is one of the things that makes drilling wells so dangerous in the first place and it’s something that everyone has to take great caution with anytime they’re around a well that uses oil-based fluids.