Poverty Alleviation
With Nuru Light, families spend just $7 per year, resulting in over a 85% savings over kerosene. For families that earn less than $1 per day, these savings are life-changing. They allow parents to spend more on the health, education, and nutrition of their children. By 2020, Nuru Light will have saved poor households over one billion dollars.

By replacing kerosene with an emissions-free lighting system, Nuru Light will prevent the release of millions of tons of carbon dioxide and other environmentally-unfriendly gases into the atmosphere.

The Nuru Light will prevent rural households from breathing in noxious kerosene fumes, dramatically improving their pulmonary health.

With the Nuru lights, children will no longer be restrained by daylight and can study and do schoolwork at their leisure.

Income Generation
By employing local people, to sell and recharge the lights, Nuru Light provides employment to thousands living in poverty.

Accident Prevention
25% of Rwandan households reported kerosene related fires in the last year, ranging from mosquito net fires to skins burns covering 80% of their bodies. The Nuru Light will eliminate any risk of fire.

Improved Lighting
With the Nuru, rural Africans gain access to a light that is bright, multi-functional, and completely mobile.